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د Exam Ref SC-300 د مایکروسافټ پیژندنې او لاسرسي مدیر د Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) څخه کار اخلي ترڅو د یوې ادارې پیژندنې او لاسرسي مدیریت سیسټمونو ډیزاین ، پلي کولو او چلولو لپاره او دندې ترسره کړي لکه غوښتنلیکونو ته د خوندي تصدیق او واک لاسرسي چمتو کول ، د شرکت اداره کول او د ټولو کاروونکو لپاره بې سیمه تجربې او د ځان خدمت مدیریت وړتیاوې هم چمتو کوي. تطابق وړ لاسرسی او حکومتداري د دې رول مهم عناصر دي. دا رول د هویت او لاسرسي چاپیریال لپاره د ستونزو حل کولو ، نظارت او راپور ورکولو مسؤلیت هم لري. ازموینه Ref SC-300 د Azure Active Directory د اساسي تشکیلاتو په پلي کولو سره پیل کیږي. بیا دا پیژندنه رامینځته کوي ، تنظیموي او اداره کوي ، او بیا بهرني پیژندنې پلي کوي او اداره کوي. تاسو به د هایبرډ هویت پلي او اداره کړئ ، بیا د Azure ملټي فکتور تصدیق پلان او پلي کړئ. بیا تاسو د کارونکي تصدیق او مشروط لاسرسي پلان ، پلي کول او اداره کوئ. له هغې وروسته، تاسو به د Azure AD پیژندنې محافظت اداره کړئ ...


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Pages: 384
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ISBN-10: 0-13-788652-7
ISBN-13: 978-0-13-788652-4
By: Razi Rais, Ilya Lushnikov, Jeevan Bisht, Padma Chilakapati, Vinayak Shenoy
Published by Microsoft Press
Part of the Exam Ref series
Prepare for Microsoft Exam SC-300 and demonstrate your real-world ability to design, implement, and operate identity and access management systems with Microsoft Azure Active Directory (AD). Designed for professionals involved in secure authentication, access, or identity management, this Exam Ref focuses on the critical thinking and decision-making acumen needed for success at the Microsoft Certified: Identity and Access Administrator Associate level.

Focus on the expertise measured by these objectives:

Implement identities in Azure AD
Implement authentication and access management
Implement access management for applications
Plan and implement identity governance in Azure AD
This Microsoft Exam Ref:

Organizes its coverage by exam objectives
Features strategic, what-if scenarios to challenge you
Assumes that you are an administrator, security engineer, or other IT professional who provides, or plans to provide, secure identity and access services for an enterprise
About the Exam

Exam SC-300 focuses on the knowledge  needed to configure and manage Azure  AD tenants; create, configure, and manage  Azure AD identities; implement and manage  external identities and hybrid identity; plan,  implement, and manage Azure Multifactor  Authentication (MFA), self-service password reset, Azure AD user authentication, and  Azure AD conditional access; manage Azure AD Identity Protection; implement access management for Azure resources; manage and monitor app access with Microsoft Defender for Cloud Apps; plan, implement, and monitor enterprise app integration; enable app registration; plan and implement entitlement management and privileged access; plan, implement, and manage access reviews; and monitor Azure AD.

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